Christina Chiviya (2020)

God really did set me free today and I feel so alive

Leticia Morta (2020)

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Sozo experience.  A breakthrough I needed and now I am focused on God’s purpose and not distracted by anything.  All glory to God”

Muchadei (2019)

“At Sozo I was able to be vulnerable, praying to hear from God and feeling no pressure to pretend. There was no judgement at all – just encouragement and insight. We prayed together on issues that I hadn’t really discussed with other people. It’s a great opportunity for growth in your walk with God.”

Kudakwashe (2019)

“In my Sozo I was able to recognize lies I have used to justify avoiding deep relationships with others (e.g. you can only count on yourself, because people will use, hurt & forget you) and replaced them with the truth, that my Heavenly Father has always been, is and will always love and be with me (no matter what I’ve done or failed to do). By embracing my real identity of a loved, forgiven and fully accepted son, I was able to forgive others and let go of deep hurt and pain I carried for many decades. “

Shamiso Madzivire (2017)

” Sozo led to revelation, release and hope for the future.”

Taryn Robb (2017)

” My sozo session was a highlight of my life!  I feel reborn!

Life giving, liberating, grateful for the safe place and the help and freedom I received”

Claire Marques (2019)

God brought so much freedom to my life through His healing work in my heart during a sozo session. 

I was able to forgive hurts and release bitterness that had kept me captive for many years.