Dear Rolers & friends

I'm delighted you're interested in joining a Life Group in our church! God has designed us to live and work through relationships in all areas of our lives. The primary relationship through which we do life is the personal relationship we have with the Lord Jesus. This is the source of strong relationships with our spouses, children, immediate family and friends, which in turn forms the foundation of great interaction with our church community and the world at large.

Life Groups are designed to give you an opportunity to do 'Life in Colour' with your church family as we build these core relationships that will become the foundation and support for the multi-coloured journey through the life God has planned for you!

I trust you will find a Life Group that not only fulfils this purpose but also enables you to feel pastorally loved and cared for within our church community. Finally, remember it is in loving and serving one another with our gifts and talents that God's purposes are evident among us, and where else but in Life Group?

Every blessing,
Andrew Ellis
Senior Pastor - River of Life Church